Sunday, June 7, 2009

Too Much Jumping

While I tried...key word being "tried" get some extra
zzzz's VERY EARLY this morning, Alexa and Daddy played downstairs.
It wasn't hard to figure out what toy Alexa was in while I was
trying to keep my eyes closed as I could hear the pounding of
her feet from her jumper.
Alexa jumped in her jumper while Rob played "peek-a-boo"
with her while reading the Sunday paper. This game went
on for a good 15 minutes...until when Rob said "peek-a-boo",
he didn't hear anything. Much to his surprise, Alexa
was out cold. So, like a good husband, he grabbed the camera
and snapped a pic for me to see!
Don't worry, he then took her out and up to her
crib for an early morning nap.
It was then that all was quiet and I was able
to close my eyes again...for a little while anyway!

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