Sunday, June 28, 2009

6 Month Well Visit

Friday, June 26, 2009 our 6 Month Well Visit
Alexa thoroughly enjoyed destroying the doctors office once again!
We received a clean bill of health and was told that Alexa is growing
and developing beautifully! The doctor was overly pleased
with all that she saw her doing while we discussed her
sleeping problems - from switching toys back and forth
between her hands to trying to pull herself up
making it as far as her knees.
Weight - 17 pounds 9 ounces - 75th percentile
Height - 26 inches - 54th percentile
Head - 35 cm - 95th percentile
As you can see by the bandages, she did get three
shots in her leg and one oral shot.

Oh So Huggable

Alexa and her new freind Ellie.
Can she get any closer?

"Seriously...more pictures mommy. I have no more smiles."

Catch Me If You Can

Although Alexa is getting to be rather big, we still find it convenient
to change her in the changing portion of her pack-n-play
when we are downstairs. However, our squirmer can
now get to her belly without rolling.
Look at me mommy.

And then a few rocks back and forth.

"I think I will rest now."

Rolls Getting in the Way

Each day that passes, Alexa tries even harder to crawl.
Yesterday she could get from the above position to her belly
with one leg stuck under her. Today, she learned how to
free the stuck leg. We have bets as to when the big day will be.
Mommy is thinking it will be soon but hoping that it is a long way away!


Having graduated from Stage One Foods, Alexa is now onto
bigger and better things..."Stage Two Foods".
Although mommy was very hesitant but
pursuaded by many, Alexa now also eats "Graduate Puffs".
As one can tell, she was thrilled to see yet
another new food to try!
Very eager to get to the taste testing.

Although she was very frusterated that she could not feed herself,
she finally gave in and allowed daddy to put a puff in her mouth.

More please!


So far, banana puffs and sweet potato puffs are a success.
They also seem to help her stay in her high chair longer
so mommy and daddy can enjoy a meal together!

Cookie Anyone?

I wonder if this is a sign that she is
going to wnat cookies often.

Stage 1 Foods...Complete

Yum Yum. FOOD!
As many of you know, we had to start Alexa on food earlier
than normal due to her excessive formula intake!
There is nothing that goes into this child's
mouth that she won't eat!

Whether it's an oral shot, cereal, oatmeal, fruits,
or veggies she just keeps eating and eating and eating...
as if you couldn't tell by her chipmunk cheeks!
She could really give the "Engergizer Bunny" a
run for his money!

Eating just comes naturally to this child.

Even prunes.
Believe me when I say...this whole food thing has NOTHING
to do with helping her sleep thru the night
because with as much as she eats...she is now onto waking 2-3 times a night!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Rob's First Father's Day
Alexa and daddy.

Alexa enjoyed spending ALL day with daddy!

I am glad Rob decided to for-go all the projects we have going
on around the house and enjoy his first Father's day with Alexa.

A Visit at the Fitzgerald's

After doing some fence shopping for the area around the pool,
we paid a visit to Baby Ethan and Big Boy Ryan.
Guess who is older???

Baby Ethan...14 months
Baby Alexa...6 months

It was great to see the boys and everyone
had fun playing together!

A Visit to the Doctors

Sat., June 20, 2009
We thought Alexa may have had an ear infection due to
multiple symptoms, so we made a trip to the doctors
first thing Sat. morning.
As you can see, Alexa no long lays on the scale...
what a Big Girl she is. And no, she doesn't look sick at all!
Weigh in - 17 pounds 4 ounces and gaining!
Luckily, she did not have an ear infection.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6 Months Old

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
6 Months Old
Exactly 6 months ago, on Wednesday, our little girl was born.
Every day she amazes us with new discoveries!
She has been a true blessing to our family.
Once again, our monthy picture seemed
rather challenging to capture!
Between talking, laughing, raspberries, and
squeals of excitment, I was able to snap a few.

What a pose!

Happy Birthday Alexa!
Mommy's wish - that time wouldn't go by so quickly
and my little baby will stop growing up so quickly!

Birthday Cupcake

A birthday would not be complete without
cake well in this case - a cupcake.
As you can see, we could not give her the
cupcake fast enough.
I didn't even have time to light the candle or
sing Happy Birthday.
She was all over it!

And then the distruction began!

The finished product!

Let's just say, she was extremely unhappy
when we took it away!

Birthday Present

Call me crazy...but yes, Alexa must have a
birthday present on her birthday...
even if it is a 6 month birthday!
Knowing how much she loves paper,
I knew she would enjoy unwrapping her present.
She caught on very quick!
Bang on the box, pull paper...bang on box, pull paper.
She had quite the pattern.
At last, all that hard work for a very colorful
new toy with three balls that jingle!

"Can you put it together for me mommy?"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Eve of 6 Months

Sadly, Alexa will be 6 months old tomorrow.
Knowing how much she loves splashing in the pool,
and how much she likes be sitting up rather
that laying down, we tried the big-kid version
of the tub tonight. Toys and all. She had a blast!
Notice Rob's shirt. That was just the beginning.
The mop was needed by the time we...I
guess I should say "she" was done!

Of course she turned right around when Rob
turned on the sprayer. She doesn't miss a beat.

Needless to say Rob has been fired from rinisng of the hair job.

Honestly, she didn't mind the water being poured over her head!
She kept her eyes closed the whole time!
I will still be rinising for now on!

Dining on the Deck

Even Alexa enjoyed dining on the deck once she woke
up from her cat nap in her travel swing.
She loves being outside, watching the trees and leaves.


While we ate in the fresh air, on the new deck,
Alexa went for a swing in her travel swing.
First time in a swing since 4 months when we transitioned
her out of sleeping in her big swing to her crib.
After about 25 minutes, she drifted off.
Of course her side kick was right beside her!

The Long Awaited Deck

Last year we did not have a deck, but always wanted
to eat outside, so we settled for our driveway or sadly
the garage. As one can imagine, building our deck
was top priority this spring!
Last Wednesday, Rob dug the holes, ELEVEN to be exact,
then together, we mixed concrete and filled each one.
Thursday it poured, so Rob started putting the deck
furniture together. This obviously put us behind schedule.
So he continued to work on it on Friday.
Then again on Saturday.
I joined in late Sat. afternoon once my mom
came to watch Alexa. We kept at it till 9:30 that night.

Then on Sunday, we finally finished...well the part you
walk on that is. The railings still have to go up, but the
goal was - dinner on the deck by the end of the weekend.
Yes, we met our goal...even if it was pizza and wings at 7:30 pm.
Our long awaited deck!
Of course once we were done,
Alexa decided that she wanted to help.

Hammer and all!

(I didn't dare tell her that we screwed the nails in.
I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings!)
"Mommy, I can't work in a dress."