Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Open House at My Gym

Monday, February 15, 2010
Open House at My Gym

Alexa saw lots of balls and headed
directly to the ball pit.

Mini trampoline.

The bigger trampoline was much more thrilling as you
can see by the smiles on Alexa's face!

She got some pretty good air
on some of her jumps!

When she would fall, she would laugh even harder.

What's even funnier is watching her jump while other
little kiddos are on and jumping
at the same time.

Much to our surprise, My Gym was holding a special
on their membership fee and first month of classes
as part of the Open House. Since all three of us
liked it so much, we decided to enroll Alexa.

She is officially a "Waddler" at My Gym.
(That is the name of her age group's class).
Our first class is tomorrow night!

Open House ... continued

"Umm. How do I get out of here?"

"Just like this."

Alexa takes a break from walking on the
balance beam for a quick pic. This was sure bringing
back many gymnastics memories for me!

"How did you like my dismount mommy?"

First Class at "My Gym"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alexa's first official class at My Gym.
Head Teacher - Miss Nicole
Assistant Teacher - Miss Nikki

As you can see, Alexa was anxiously awaiting
our departure! We couldn't get ready
fast enough!

Of course all the balls were a big hit!

During this activity, the kiddos had to pick up different
colored rings and put them on the cones.

Alexa caught on rather quickly and got right to work.

Three different stations.

This particular station was the bars with Miss Nikki.
Alexa loved hanging and swinging!
She kept her little body soooo still
and very straight!

Alexa went to each of the three stations two times!
I was impressed as I figured something like the balls,
trampoline, slide, etc. would catch her eye but she
stayed with the gymnastic stations till the end!

More of My Gym

Time for the swings.

Next - the dolphin.

We took Alexa out to go to another station -
the parachute...but she insisted on getting
back in the swing. So she did a
little more swinging.

Separation Time.

During this time, the parents step back - all
the way back and the kids play with the parents! Surprisingly, Alexa did
great without us. She was so interested in
the whiffle balls, pianos, and other toys.

I wonder why the nursery can't
go this well at Church???

14 Months Old

February 17, 2010
14 Months Old

Our monthly birthday pictures are getting harder
and harder to capture as Alexa
continues to get older.

A big thank you to Godmother Kristie
for such an adorable outfit!

The Big Tub

"Look mommy, I'm on top of the big tub...
another place I am not allowed to be!"

"I will sit real still while you take
my picture, I promise."

"Can we go to My Gym Now?"


The big slide...yes in the living room.

Alexa quickly learned how to climb
the slide and slide down.

The problem now...she doesn't want our help
getting up to the top. She insists
on doing it herself.

At the top, sitting, and ready to slide.

Books Books Books

Alexa is obsessed with books.

When you tell her to go and get a particular book...
she will go to her book baskets and flip through each
book until she finds the book she is looking for.

This particular week, she is content with books
about dogs, cats, balls, balloons, and horses.

Playing in the Kitchen


Believe it or not, at 14 months old,
Alexa still loves her jumper!

When she wants to jump, she will run to her
jumper, push the seat down, and start
jumping until we put her in.

But she doesn't go in alone...Alexa must
have some friends with her!

This time, it was "Violet".


Multi-tasking it is.

Books, books, books.

Where Alexa goes, books are sure to follow.

And the funny thing is, she is sooo serious
when she is reading her books.

Free Play @ "My Gym"

Once again, Alexa was ready to go and not
willing to wait for mommy and daddy.

Blankie and book...Alexa is ready.

Messy Eater