Friday, April 8, 2011

American Girl Doll

Alexa's first American Girl Doll.
The Bitty Baby.

A hug for baby!

Covering up baby so she is not cold and believe
me when I say, she has a little OCD. The
blanket must be absolutely perfect!

Where'd the cookies and milk go?

Christmas morning. Alexa was
floored at "the mess"!

Inspecting Santa's mess!

"Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Rob wanted to start another family tradition
this year. Reading the book, "Twas the Night
Before Christmas" before bed on X-Mas Eve.
He was rather persistent...but Alexa only wanted
to read HER books. This was rather
amusing!! I couldn't stop laughing as Rob
was reading his book aloud and
Alexa reading her book aloud.

Finally, Alexa became interested in Rob's story.

This made daddy very happy!

Cookies for Santa

After feeding the reindeer their reindeer food,
we left cookies and milk for Santa.
But Alexa didn't quite understand
as she insisted on eating the cookies
and drinking her milk.

X-Mas Eve Dress

Off to X-Mas Eve Mass at church.

Then heading to the DelVecchio's
for their party!

Party at the White's

Paul and Patti's annual
Eve Eve X-mas party.

The Messy Part!

Frosting the cookies.

Alexa started out working very neatly,
being super careful!

But then.......

She had a mis-ap with the sprinkles...

And then the mixing of the colors!

Did I mention how sticky
this frosting was???

Making X-mas Cookies

A family tradition that we will be sure
to do each year...making cookies!

The Real B-day

December 17, 2010

Alexa's 2nd Birthday

Although she was a little under the weather,
we celebrated with presents from the family
and of course cake!

Matching Jammies

Of course a party wouldn't be complete without
matching clothes and jammies
to the theme of the party!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reading with Molly

A day wouldn't be complete
without some stories!

Reminding Molly how old she is!

"I'm two".

Kisses for William

Monkey Cupcake Mess!

Alexa was very neatly eating her cupcake until
Uncle Brian decided to get a little messy!

Fun on the Slide

The slide was a hit with all the kiddos...
young and old!

William seemed to really enjoy the slide!

The Indoor Obstacle Course

The start of the course -
the slide

Then the limbo

And the balance beam.

Tail end of the Obstacle Course

Through the tunnel...

Hopping thru the ocean.
Don't jump on the sharks!

And thru the hoops back to the beginning!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ready, Aim, Toss

William concentrating very hard on which monkey
mouth he is going to toss his banana into!

Ayla's turn.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Monkey Toss

Craft Time

The Craft Table

The Craft Table ready for crafters...

Everyone's bag was labeled and ready for
them to assemble their monkey magnet.

The final product.

Waiting Patiently for her Guests

Alexa was anxious to get this party started.
She assumed her position and waited
and waited and waited for the
first car to pull in.

The birthday girl!

Calling Papa to find out where he is and
why he isn't at our house yet!