Monday, August 31, 2009

Tooth Number Three

Thursday, August 27, 2009
I spotted yet another tooth. That night alls you could see was
a bit of white between tooth number one and tooth number two.
Over the weekend and today, it has fully come through!
As you can see, Alexa is tight lipped and not willing
to show me for a picture.
As it was nearing bedtime, I tried desperately to get
a pic of the third and middle tooth!
"You still can't see it mommy!"
I was really trying! As you can see, Alexa
resorted to raspberries!

Finally, I got it!
One, three, two...that is the order that
they came in. Yes, I know, they are not
very straight right now.

Opps, I forgot to turn the picture around...sorry!

My picture of the first 3 teeth - successful!

The Great NYS Fair

Sunday, August 30, 2009
Our first family trip the the fair.
As you can see, I thought it necessary to have a "Lost Kid Tag",
however Rob thought I was a nut!
Alexa loved people watching and became rather comfortable
very quickly. She received many compliments on
the different positions she assumed!
Here, we were nearing naptime. The band at Chevy Court
put her into la la land for a brief snooze.
The animal barns were a big hit! Although this looks
like a fake was real! Freshly shavin' too.

And then the goats.
Alexa was all over this little guy.

She became very excited and reached right in...
the goat decided he wanted no part of her!

Bye-bye goat!

Stage 3 Foods...

Alexa will eat cheerios, little crunchies, wagon wheels, and puffs
like they are going out of style. So we thought she
was more then ready to start trying something
more than Stage 2 pureed foods.
Well, we were WRONG!
This night, the first night on Stage 3 she did really good,
but night 2 and after, Alexa simply gagged and
threw it up. Even if we cut up fruit, veggies,
basically people food...the result gagging and throwing it up.

So, we are back to Stage 2 for dinner for now.

Tooth # 2

Monday, August 24, 2009
Tooth Number 2 was spotted!
If you look very closly in the picture below, you may
be able to see it. Numer 2 is on the bottom
too but not right next to number 1.
Now we have a tooth number one center left,
a space, then tooth number two,

"I'm not goingt o show you anymore mommy."

Alexa loves drinking out of cups whether they have water
in them or not now that she can hear her teeth against the cup.

And of course everything still goes in the mouth!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Alexa's Baptism

Sunday, July 26, 2009
Alexa just finished her morning nap in the car as
we were on our way into church to get her dressed
for the big ceremony! Give this child a few minutes to wake up and
then we have one happy girl!

Ayla came in to say a quick hello -

only to have her hair tugged on!

Alexa's Dress

Alexa's Baptism Dress was Ayla's Flower
Girl Dress in our wedding!
(With a few alterations from a good friend,
we have a beautiful dress to fit Alexa!)
Getting dressed...
Mommy & Alexa

My precious little girl!

Alexa, Kristie, and I waited in the
foyer for Pastor Karen to finish her sermon.
But Alexa wasn't willing to wait any longer so
she started calling to everyone in church!
She was bound and determined to charge
the aisle and walk into church!
Boy did I have flashbacks of preparing to walk
down this very aisle at our wedding!

Just the 3 of Us

Mommy, Daddy, & Alexa.
A family picture.


Alexa's Godmother - Kristie Relyea
Alexa's Godfather - Brian Mattoon
It was very hot in church on this day.
Alexa was extremely hot in this dress.
At this point, picture time, Alexa had had enough.
Notice her hand on her headband...keep watching as you scroll down!
"Here you go, Godmother Kristie!
I will share with you!"
Pastor Karen holding Alexa for our final picture.

We had to bring in reinforcements...
the blankie at this point.

Time to Wet the Head!

Alexa's Cake

We were very fortunate to have Kristie make Alexa's special cake.
What a beautiful and delicious job she did! This kid is no fool!
Good thing the cameras were ready!
There was no holding her back.

"My mommy is smart...she has me in my suit...
hmm I wonder where I am going after
I get my hands in this??? What part of this day did
she not have all planed out???"

And the pool to clean her up!

Brian always enjoys taking Alexa for a dip!

"A Party Just For Me"

A proud Papa!
Katy, Molly, and Ayla

Between the the bounce and the pool,
the kiddos were well entertained all day!

Even Alexa - (and mommy) had a chance
to try out the bounce house! I have a funny feeling
we will be in these much more in the future!
She loved it!

The youngest bouncer of the day.

Monday, August 17, 2009

8 Months Old

Monday, August 17, 2009
8 Months Old
After many unsuccessful attempts the last couple of months,
I decided NOT to use our monthly sign with
today's date and Alexa's age.
Our baby...tired and not willing to give me a smile.
(I have been doing this for 8 months now -
what was I thinking trying to get this
picture before bedtime???)

At this point, she was not happy with

me for making her wear the matching hat!

So, we went back to the bow and a few books.

Hardly a smile.

LuLu the Ladybug

After many attempts at our birthday picture...
I decided to call in back-up - LuLu.
Alexa was rather content. She was quick to start
hitting the colored shapes on LuLu's head to play music.

And then...guess who - Rob walked in.

"Look mommy - no hands".

I have a funny feeling Lulu will be rocked on nightly!

The First Tooth

Monday, August 10, 2009
Alexa's First Tooth
As you can see, Alexa was not happy
about having this picture taken!

We were very fortunate with the first tooth!
Just a little fussiness a few days prior.
I can only hope every tooth will be this easy.