Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11 Months Old

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
11 Months Old
It has been a rough couple months. But now, after
many doctors visits, lots of medicine, and finally surgery,
it seems as though our Alexa is back! Although a difficult
time on us all, we still enjoyed everyday and each new
milestone along the way. Alexa seems to amaze us more
and more each day. She has truly brought
us such joy and happiness!
I can't believe I am saying this but we are already
preparing her "Winter-ONE-derland Birthday" party!
I never in a million years would have thought this time
would go by so quickly. To think, this time last year,
we were waiting very impatiently for the arrival of what
we called her then as "Baby Girl Mattoon".
Each month these pictures are getting
harder and harder to capture!
I was basically chasing Alexa around the house
trying to get one picture that met my expectations!

We even made it into the bathroom!

And then she decided to take a few steps as I
am trying to back away to grab another shot!

2 steps on Saturday
4 steps on Sunday...
THEN on her 11 month birthday, Alexa stood up
all on her own and took seven steps. This continued
several times tonight! One time, she took
4 steps, turned around and took 3 more!

11 Months Continued...

"Catch me if you can!" "A picture mommy - I don't think so.
How about I stand on my head!"

"Seriously mommy, I am all done taking pictures!"

"Thanks Papa for my beautiful new outfit! I love it!"

Alexa is so proud of herself now that she has learned

how to climb Lulu. I, however, skip a heart beat...

especially when she stands and rocks. She is not a very

good listener when it comes to the words "sit down".

A Few Steps!!!

Alexa can't climb onto LuLu from the right side...

but watch the video and at the VERY end, you will see

Alexa take a few steps before her crash landing.

The Climb

Bound and determined, Alexa was going
to climb onto the chairs. Of course she needed a little boost...
from her pal Kruzer that is.

With lots of effort...

you have an accomplishment!

And boy was she proud!
"Look mommy, no hands!"


Alexa has been trying very hard to climb the

couch and chairs. As you can see from this

video, persistence sure pays off!

One way or another she will find a way!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby Steps

Alexa is doing very well standing on her own.
Even from a sitting position, Alexa will stand,
hold her arms out and just balence.
Saturday, November 14, 2009 - 2 steps in a row all by herself
Sunday, November 15, 2009 - 4 steps in a row all by herself

Mommy's Side-kick Shopper

The day after surgery, I had off from work due to
Veteran's Day, so we hit Toys R Us
to continue our birthday and Christams shopping.
Even in the stores, Alexa refuses to keep her
socks and shoes on. (Her right hand is fast at work).
She thinks by talking to me that it will distract
me and I won't notice what she is up to.

Between banging on boxes, yelling at customers, and
giving her usual raspberries, Alexa kept
the shoppers rather amused!

Needless to say, we did accomplish a lot this day - but
more importantly, mommy and Alexa had
a very good day shopping together!

She gave me lots of laughs!


Alexa gets quite a belly laugh going whenever
we help her do a summersault.
But now, she is amused by tring to stand on her head.

A gymnast???

I am not so sure I want her following in my footsteps
down that path. I know I gave my parents many
worries during my gymnastic years...
not sure if I can handle that!

Toy Box

Alexa loves climbing in and out of her toy box.

As uncomfortable as it looks, she will sit in here and
play, pull toys out from under her, throw toys out then
reach and pull them back in. It is quite amusing to us
as we sit back, watch, and laugh at her!

Tooth Number 5 - First Upper

Saturday, November 7, 2009
Alexa's first top tooth, front right, popped through
the gum. It is not yet sticking down to far...
just broke through the gum!
If you look close, you can see a little speck of white...
hard to see in this picture - I know.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Surgery Day

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
After a long battle with a few ear infections that would
not go away even with every antibiotic she could possibly be
put on including injections, colds, croup, and now C-diff...
a nasty illness caused by antibiotics, and several weeks of
cloudy fluid on her ears, today is the day that
Alexa will have tubes put in.
It was very early (6:30 am) when we headed out the door.
More importantly though...Alexa hadn't eaten since
midnight and now that I woke her and dressed her...she
was itching for a bottle. Needless to say, we knew we
were in for a long car ride to the surgery center.
We were the youngest patient which means we
were scheduled first. But, you need a doctor in order to have surgery.
Luckily, the many nurses, anaesthiologists, and who knows
who else that we saw who were all on time and did there part.
So at this point, it was a matter of waiting for the doctor to arrive.

Alexa went back and forth from sitting on her little bed/crib to

crawling into my arms. She did as good as can be expected.

A bit fussy, then happy, then very cranky, then she would

calm down...then she saw her bottle and that was the end of that!

So, Rob and I did what we could to keep her happy.
The nurses were great. They all kept coming in
which helped because Alexa was able to
become more familiar with them.

And worst was time to say good-bye.
We gave her her blanket, hugs, and kisses, and an few extra
hugs and kisses from mommy, then the hard part...I had
to hand her off. There she went into the OR. Of course,
I peeked around the corner and watched until I couldn't
see her anymore. Then the waiting began.

Boy did the wait seem like forever! I just stared at the clock in
the waiting room. It was the longest 18 minutes EVER!
Everytime I saw a nurse round the corner I was ready to jump up.
Finally, the side door opened and her doctor came out in full
scrubs. Of course, I thought the worst thinking something
happened ...she is walking towards us in full gear. She sat
down, only to inform us how the procedure went. It was a sigh
of relief at that point as tears were flowing down my face. She
told us Alexa did great, but she did have another ear infection.
(Rob and I did expect it as the day before she was stuffing her
thumb in her ear!) The doctor continued talking but honestly,
I have no idea what she was saying. She left and there we sat.
Minutes later I heard screaching and screaming and I knew
it was Alexa...not to mention we were the first to go so it
had to be her. There we sat helpless...listening to her belting
at the top of her lungs. Finally, a nurse came out and called us
back and I bolted all the way into the recovery room and
grabbed her right out of the arms of the nurse who was holding
her. They had a rocking chair ready for me and Rob prepared
the bottle once they gave the go ahead that she could have it.
It was a rough next 45 minutes, but we all managed to get thru
it. Then, finally, we were on our way home and
Alexa fell fast asleep once in the car.
A big Thank you to everyone at the surgery center for
taking such good care of us and Alexa!

5 Hours After Surgery

Literally, 5-6 hours later, and it was like a light
switch flipped. Alexa was a whole new...HAPPY baby!
Our baby was back!

They said she would probably take an extra nap this day...

not only did she NOT take an extra nap, but the naps
she did take were rather short. I was not complaining though!!!
I just wanted to hold her and play with her!

Our Waver

At about 10 1/2 months, Alexa decided to start
waving...with one or both hands.
She sure is proud of herself!

One Sick Baby

Saturday, October 31, 2009
Day two of our round of injections.
(You can see one of the two band-aids on her leg).
Our nurses know me pretty well - her bandaids
weren't pick today - instead they were orange
to match her outfit!
After amoxicillan, omnicef, and augmentin...we are now
trying our final form of antibiotic through injections.
Two shots for three consecutive days. After this,
there is absolutely no more medicine
she can possibly be put on.

A New Way to Shop

October 31, 2009
Halloween Afternoon
The first time sitting in a shopping cart...
yes with all the shopping we do, Alexa is either
in her bucket seat or her stroller.
Not anymore! We decided to let her see
what shopping is really all about!
We couldn't get the seat cover on fast enough...
as you can see her hands are on the cart before
we could get it fully covered. She was ready!
I am not sure what she enjoyed more...seeing everything
freely...or the wind blowing her away!
She had a blast turning this way and
that way...looking all around.

And then she made herself cozy.

Our Sprouting Flower

Alexa's 1st Halloween
October 31, 2009
Alexa was still not feeling well and still had her ear infection...
so she was not thrilled with the whole dressing up idea.
Needless to say, the costume lasted only minutes and
then we had a screaming baby. I think it took me longer
to get her in the costume than she was actually in it.
So, a few weeks November, I re-dressed
Alexa and tried for another picture.
Still, she was a bit uncooperative for a picture.
First costume...flower.

I wonder what next year will bring???