Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Cheer

St. Patrick's Day 2010

One happy little leprachaun with a
round of "chase me"!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The facial expressions
are simply priceless!

Another St. Patrick's Day Complete

"No more pictures mommy."

15 Months Old

March 17, 2010
15 Months Old

Alexa is still obsessed with books!

"I'm busy."

"Seriously mommy, is it that time of
month again- monthly picture time?"

St. Patrick's Day Hat

Wednesday, March 17, 2010
St. Patrick's Day

More of the Holiday Hat

2010 St. Patrick's Day Hat

This was the only way to keep the hat
on Alexa's head...hold her down!

"You can't see me!"

"Peek a boo."

"Here I am."

Standing on Chairs

Alexa loves to stand where she shouldn't.

"What did you say mommy - sit down?"

"I can't hear you!"

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nap time Kisses

It's a ritual now, that when Alexa goes down for
naps or bed, she must give us kisses
AND Kruzer kisses.

When she's finished, she giggles then
sticks out her tongue for more.


Alexa's Pets



Pudding Paint

I decided it was finally time to allow
Alexa to paint with pudding.

At first she was a little unsure of the feeling.

Before long, it was everywhere...
including the hair!

And then some made the mouth.

More pudding ended up being smeared than eaten.

Next stop...the tub!

Alexa's First Snowmobile Ride

We decided that we should introduce
Alexa to the snowmobiles.
Unfortunately the kiddie helmet was
still a bit big, so I drove slow.

"Can I have my own sled daddy?"

More snowmobiling...

As you can see by the smile,
Alexa was thoroughly enjoying this ride!

"Look daddy, no hands!"

Clapping for another loop!

Waving to daddy.

Trail Ride

Going for a ride - courtesy of mommy.

Alexa enjoying being dragged around the driveway.
The snow banks were far to high to climb
to get into the front yard.

But then I got brave and found a small snowbank.
Alexa giggled while I ran thru the yard
and pulled her over the hill.

She always had her eye on Kruzer's ball being
sure to show him where to find it.

"Faster mommy!"