Thursday, April 30, 2009

LuLu the Ladybug

Rocking away on LuLu...well trying to rock.
Alexa discovered the colored shapes on LuLu's head that play music when you press them.
I am not going to lie, trying to catch Alexa on LuLu without
daddy holding onto her was rather difficult.

Doggy Kisses

April 28, 2009
Alexa just loves her doggy and can't seem to get enough kisses throughout the day. When she sees Kruzer looking in her direction, she automatically opens her mouth...waiting for kisses.
As he gets closer, she pulls his lips to hers!
Let the licking begin!

And it continues.

"More, Kruzer, more" she tugs on his lips and pulls him towards her.

Sittin' Back & Relaxin'

Monday, April 26, 2009
Another VERY hot day here in Central New York.
We decided to take Alexa outside for a little stroll.
It did not take Alexa long at all to get comfortable.
She assumes the position, and we are off on our walk.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Are you sure she doesn't belong in the zoo?

One Hot Day

April 25, 2009
A typical Central New York day...90 degrees in April!
(Check out the rolls!)

As you can see, Alexa was rather happy that she was in an outfit where
she had complete access to her feet all day long.

Watch Mommy

Just hangin' out with daddy on the couch playing with her snail. She was very proud of herself as she quickly learned how to make the snail play music. Each time she hit a button, she would make noise and look in my direction to be sure I was watching her!

Holy Bubbles

We usually tag-team Alexa for tubby time. This night however, I tempted her tub alone.
I guess I got carried away with the soap suds!
Alexa sure didn't mind it! She loved the extra long rinse with the sprayer!

What a Conversation

April 17, 2009
Alexa had a lot to say this day. We had a great conversation!

At times, she had to stop and think...

This was one happy girl! The UPS man just dropped off a few packages!
(I surprised her with some new toys!)

I Can Do it!

Alexa has been trying very hard to hold her own bottle.
She knows it is time to eat when she hears us shaking it from the other room.
She will stop what she is playing with and look in the direction that she hears the shaking.
She even grabs at her bottle and opens her mouth when she is ready to eat.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tubby Roll-over

Last night, during our tub, Rob and I rolled Alexa to her side like always to wash her back.
She decided that wasn't good enough and proceeded to roll right to her tummy.Here is where she stayed for a very long time. I had enough time to get the video camera and take some footage,my camera, Rob's camera, and our cell phone to send pics.
Alexa had a blast kicking her feet and splashing her hands in the water.
I think she watched to much of the installation of our new pool!
Is she trying to tell us she is ready to go swimming?

Of course we couldn't have a moment without some spitting up. Regardless when we give Alexa a tubby, she spits up during it and right after she is all dried and lotioned up...without fail!

Alexa's new favorite game..."peek-a-boo".

"Ha Ha Daddy. I got my arms and legs free tonight!"

Friday, April 17, 2009

4 Months Old

Today, April 17, 2009 our baby girl is Four Months old.
I can honestly say, I have no idea where the time has gone!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4 Month Well Visit

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
While waiting for the doctor, Alexa found some stored up energy.
First her feet, and then...
...she decided that she wanted to
stand and basically destroy the room we were in.
By the time the nurse came back in for her shots,
Alexa had the paper wet - from drool that is - and torn to pieces.

Weight: 14lbs, 15oz - 69th percentile
Height: 25 1/4 in - 85th percentile
Head: 43 1/4 cm - 97th percentile

The doctor could not believe how active and alert Alexa is. She really enjoyed her exam. She tugged and pulled on everything in site, including the nurses hair...then proceeded to laugh. The doctor kept asking us if "she is always like this"? "Is she always this alert"? Our answer was "Yup!" to all of his questions. He proceeded to laugh at all she was doing and inform us that she is going to keep us very busy and very shortly we will be chasing her from one end of the house to the other. He could not believe how active she was. He then added, "I can't wait to see her in a couple of months...even years! Watch out"!

He was floored when we told him she is eating 40+ ounces of formula a day. He did tell us that we could start giving her Baby Oatmeal once a day along with her cereal. So now she eats oatmeal for breakfast and cereal for dinner. Boy does she LOVE the oatmeal. I don't think she missed a drop of it. We even had to make more as she inhaled the first bowl we made.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My First Easter

April 12, 2009
Alexa's very First Easter
After our morning nap, we decided to get Alexa dressed and try...
yes try and get an Easter picture.
Alexa noticed a shiny present next to her.
She then proceeded to try and eat the wrapping.
She enjoyed the noise it made when she touched it!

"Is this for me?"

Since Alexa woke up very happy from her nap, I thought we should try and get her picture taken before eating...just a thought since I know how much she spits up when she eats. (Not to mention she is wearing a "hand wash only dress" - yes call me crazy what was I thinking buying a "hand wash only" dress with a child who has acid reflux.

I can honestly say though,
I did not read the tag until after I had the dress home and price tags cut.

Well lets just say, my motherly instinct did not work.
She was obviously very hungry as alls she did was try and eat her dress.

So, after many attempts, and knowing we were about to have 16+ people in the house any minute, Rob and I decided we better feed this child and try for re-takes later this week - after I hand wash the dress to remove her water marks from all the sucking she was doing on her nice Easter dress.

Easter Dinner

Although very tired from all the excitment,
Alexa enjoyed her yummy Easter dinner
before heading upstairs for a short snooze.
Thanks Mimi for yet another "My First..." bib!


Pajamas From the Easter Bunny

Alexa found these PJ's in her Easter basket...
washed and ready to wear to bed.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bunny Ears

I was searching high and low for sun hats to buy,
while Alexa was perfectly content with the "free" hat from the Easter bunny.

These ears actually stayed on for a rather long time!

NO! Not Your Ears!

Ayla called my dad to ask permission to get her ears pierced,
while Alexa tried telling her that it will hurt her too much!

Hat Shopping

While at the mall seeing the Easter bunny,
I decided to shop around for some "sun hats".

Needless to say, we found a lot of different kinds of hats.

Finally, some sun hats.

The Easter Bunny

Upon entering the mall, we are quick to learn that the Easter bunny is on a break.
So we decide to walk around for 30 minutes until he returns.
Thirty minutes later, we are at the front of the line ready to see the Easter bunny.
When I look down, much to my surprise, Alexa is fast asleep.
So, a little shopping we did to kill some time.
And then...

and then she woke up!
Alexa thoroughly enjoyed th Easter Bunny.
Let's just cross our fingers that she will be this
happy for Santa.

A Trip to the Mall

Going to the mall today so Alexa can see the Easter bunny.

Preparing for the Easter Bunny

Alexa seemed to enjoy being a bunny for a little while.

I almost got a smile in between her babbles that is.

And then the raspberries started.

Still Preparing for the Easter Bunny

Our little bunny.

Alexa really did not want to smile for this photo shoot.

And then there were the bubbles.

At this point Alexa was getting rather hot.

I guess I am not getting a smile.
Maybe she is trying to tell me something!

Mommy's Lil' Duck

Alexa is telling me what she wants the Easter Bunny to bring her.