Friday, April 24, 2009

Tubby Roll-over

Last night, during our tub, Rob and I rolled Alexa to her side like always to wash her back.
She decided that wasn't good enough and proceeded to roll right to her tummy.Here is where she stayed for a very long time. I had enough time to get the video camera and take some footage,my camera, Rob's camera, and our cell phone to send pics.
Alexa had a blast kicking her feet and splashing her hands in the water.
I think she watched to much of the installation of our new pool!
Is she trying to tell us she is ready to go swimming?

Of course we couldn't have a moment without some spitting up. Regardless when we give Alexa a tubby, she spits up during it and right after she is all dried and lotioned up...without fail!

Alexa's new favorite game..."peek-a-boo".

"Ha Ha Daddy. I got my arms and legs free tonight!"

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