Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 Pictures
Alexa's Second Christmas

Our Christmas card wouldn't be complete without
Kruzer being a part of it!

Alexa & Kruzer

And of course...we can only go minutes
without reading this book...daily!

Alexa's Stocking

Christmas Morning 2009

I had to entice Alexa to come get
her stocking with the bells.


Alexa was thrilled with the $2.50 balls from Target.
She really wanted nothing to do with anything else!

And here we have the balls again!
(Wouldn't put them down for anything!)

New Books

Alexa is obsessed with books lately.

Christmas Presents

Some new blocks and a matching wagon.

"Pots and I can cook like
mommy and daddy!"

"And a three tier dessert tray...yummy!"

and some more

"Can I open this one now?"

Alexa was trying very hard to touch the
little girl on the package.

Talking away!

Although we tried real hard, Alexa was not willing to
sit next to her big present from mommy and daddy...
her "Pink Retro Kitchen".

Alexa & Mommy

"Thanks for all my presents!"

Another hug for mommy!

Takin' a break for some milk!

(Over the course of a few days last week,
we transitioned from formula to milk.
Alexa did real well with it and loves her whole milk!
For the most part she takes 2 four ounce bottles
during the day and 8 ounces at bedtime).

Where's Alexa???

Where's Waldo???...Where's Alexa???

More Jumping Please

Rob and I thought that we would take out a few
toys from the living room to make more room for
when the families comes over later for dinner and presents.

We thought it was time to put the jumper away so
we put it by the door to the basement.

Alexa was quick on our heels. She held onto
one of the toys and started jumping...then looked
back at us and yelled. So we put her in and as you can
see...she was thrilled to be back in familiar grounds.

X-Mas Lunch & Dinner in Jammies

So, we had two dresses for Christmas Eve...
both of which Alexa wore.
(One for the day and the other for church).

Then, we had two additional dress for Christmas day...
neither of which were worn. Instead it was X-mas
jammies all day long as Alexa was very tired and not feeling
to well. Rob thought she would be more comfortable in
her jammies rather than dressing up.

This will never happen again!!!

One may ask why we needed two dresses for each day...
the reason are these pictures.

Alexa insists on feeding
herself now that she is a big girl...however she is
NOT the neatest eater by any means!


More Presents

Some presents from mommy and daddy.

and some more...

And some from Mimi and Papa and LaLa...a.k.a. Ayla.

A jumping turtle for Mimi and Papa's house.
A pink tea set, a pink dump truck, pink tug boat, and...

my very own pink and purple power wheels ATV!!!

"Can I ride it now!"

Ayla & Luke

Put-together #1

Daddy and Alexa working together to put
Alexa's Shopping cart together.
Alexa was a little anxious to start pushing her cart.

But then, like when she wants to read a book,
she climbed into Rob's lap to lend a helping hand.

"Look mommy, I have daddy's screwdriver
...not mine...but the real one!"

"I love it!"

Alexa & Daddy