Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kubota Girl

Daddy and Alexa on the tractor.
As you can see by Alexa's expressions, she thoroughly enjoyed the ride!

Before we know it, she will be driving this herself.
How scary!

She even knew right where to put her hands.
Daddy's girl for sure...already operating the equipment.

One proud daddy!

Playing on the Play-mat

There was a day when Alexa would lay on this play-mat and
stay entertained for quite some time.
Now that we are sitting like a big girl, if you lay her on her back to play,
she will immediately roll over.

One happy girl!

Sleeping thru the Night ?!?!?

Earlier in the month, I posted a picture of Alexa sleeping from
the night that she slept thru the night. Well, that was short lived!
That only lasted one night, then she was back to waking
in the night for a feeding.
Here you will see Alexa sound asleep...yes on her side.
We put her in her crib on her back and she immediately rolls to her side.
(Always that same side too!)
This time I waited a whole week before sharing the news...
yes Alexa has slept thru the night for a week now.
She still goes down rather late, for a baby that is,
but she will now sleep about 8 to 8 1/2 hours.
Honestly, I am okay with her going down later
since we can only get about 8 hours out of her.

Alexa and Daddy

Daddy's little side kick.

Alexa & The Sunday Paper

Every Sunday Alexa feels as if she too needs to read the paper.
She, like her mother, prefers the ads.
She has become very good at picking out things that she wants!

As you can see, if you would like to see the ads,
you better look before Alexa has at it!

Alexa and Her Big Girl Cup

Alexa can now take our cups out of the drink holders and bring
them to her mouth all on her own. She will also try and take
the cup out of your mouth when you are trying to
take a drink...regardless what you are drinking!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Alexa was ready to celebrate.
All decked out in her red, white, and blue.
Alexa's first trip to Fairhaven.

Alexa thoroughly enjoyed Molly's company.

"Mommy, when can I play with Molly again?
Can she come to our house for a play-date".

Alexa's First Swim

"Please mommy - put the camera down and take me out to the pool!"
Daddy and Alexa testing out the water.

Alexa driving a boat...enough said!

A clone from mommy and daddy...a boater!

5 months old and already in a boat of her own.
I can only imagine the next boat that daddy gives Alexa!

The youngest boater afloat the "Mini Backcharge".

The Newest Addition

Spring 2009 - our newest addition to the house.
Rob worked very hard last week preparing the
area around the pool for concrete.
Then on the hottest day of the week, he poured 1500+ square
feet of concrete then stampcrete around the pool.
The filter and pool gear in the back
corner will be inclosed in a pool-house with bath.
That is the next big undertaking that we are about to embark on.

A Surprise From Daddy

Rob had to go to the store to pick up a few things,
and much to our surprise...he returned with a new outfit for Alexa.
(The right size and all! I was pretty impressed!)
Alexa was happy too!

A Super Star

Alexa plays us some wonderful music on her stage.
She particularly enjoys watching herself while playing the different instruments.

She is however very rough with the drum.
She likes to bang it rather hard!

Miss Beach Babe

Getting ready for her pool.

Not Another Hat

Well, I just had to try the hat...
after all it was part of the outfit.
Alexa wasn't to keen on the whole idea of wearing the matching hat.
Guess who won the battle?
First the hat, then she tried going for the bow.

Okay, so I caved.
No matching hat.

Bubble Gum Toy

Alexa is very good at getting her bubble gum balls out of her machine.
Does this mean she is going to insist on chewing bubble gum when she gets older?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our Little Painter

"Uh - Oh mommy...I made a mess."
"Please stop interrupting me. I am trying to paint."

"Can I have a roller?"

"I don't need a drop cloth mommy."

"I won't spill anymore, I promise."

Picasso...Not So Much

"Yes, I know, the lines have to be straight."
"What did you say - not in my mouth?"

" How am I doing?"

"I didn't hear you say to keep my hands out of the paint."

"You just keep taking pictures and I will do what I want to do."

More Painting

"Oh no, I missed a spot."
"But I want to mix the colors!
I promise it will look good mommy!"

"Can you lift me up on the ladder?"

"Blue on this wall - right?"

Admiring a day of hard work!

"What room is next?"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

5 Months Old

5 Months Old
May 17, 2009
"Ha ha mommy...I got my shoe off!"

Everyday Alexa surprises us with something new and different.
I am not really sure where these 5 months have gone!
I can only imagine what the next month will bring us.

A true personality of her own!

Happy Birthday Alexa.