Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Halloween Jammies

Well this holiday brings out the devil
in her for sure! I had many different
jammies...some even glowed in the dark.
After the first three nights of attempting
to get her picture in them,
I threw in the white towel!

Wine Tour

October 17, 2010 - Wine Tour

The Mattoon's, Wagner's,
VanNammee's, Myers,
and Joel and Alice

Alice won a limo service at the summer
golf tourni we were all in so what
better way to use then the wineries!

This was our last stop. As you can see, part
of the crew had thrown in the towel. Do the
math and figure out who is
inside tippin' 'em back still!

Although I was pregnant and only drinking
the grape juice, it was still a lot of fun and
the weather couldn't have been better! We
picked a perfect day for a fun
trip with friends!

Disney...Here We Come

Each anniversary, we plan a trip to celebrate.
For our 3rd anniversary we decided to plan
a really special, over the top trip since it would
be our last get-away with just the
three of us.

So Disney it was!

Alexa at the airport anxiously looking out
the window trying to find our plane.

Waiting so patiently for the
lady to call us to board!

Alexa's First Plane Ride

We kept Alexa very busy on the plane.
I brought a toy bag with books, the travel
doddle pro, the wet travel doddle, the dvd
player and Barney and Mickey DVD's, etc.
We practiced counting - as you can see below,
the alphabet, and spelling names. I also packed
her dinner, lots of snacks, and a first
for Alexa - lollipops for the
take off and landing!.

She enjoyed looking out the window.

Alexa did very well on the plane. We even received
compliments from the couple who sat in front
of us on how well she behaved!

First plane ride...a success!

Running off Some Energy

While Rob waited at the gate for our stroller that
we gate checked, I took Alexa out so she
could run some energy out.

She did great on
the plane, but needed
some running time!

Our Hotel in Disney

Daddy & Alexa

Mommy & Alexa

Too Funny

We took a train over to the area where
you could interact and pet the animals.

Alexa thoroughly enjoyed watching
the goats playfully fight on the bridge.

She could have watched them for hours!

Dino Land Playground

Notice how pink her cheeks are...
just another sign of how hot it really was!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kisses on the Nose

We didn't get great pictures here, BUT,
we bought the Disney pics of Alexa and Mickey.
Their pictures turned out super cute.

Before coming to Disney, she really didn't know
any of the characters. She was also going thru
a very shy stage, so we were not expecting much
with the characters. Boy, did she surprise us!
She had to high five them,
hug them, kiss them,
we had to pry her off of all of them. It took us
one time telling her who each of them were and
she remembered them all from that first moment.
We couldn't believe it. She did great with each
and every character and wanted more! We
couldn't have been more happier
to see her reactions!!


Love, Love, Love this picture!!

High Five Thumper!


Donald Duck

Sea World

Watching the Baby Dolphins

The Shamu Show

11:00 Am - The Shamu Show

Even though it was still morning, it was HOT!
Luckily, we found good seats in the shade to
watch Shamu. We didn't expect Alexa to last
long, but I needed the shade! Once again, she
surprised us! She feel in love instantly! She
lasted the entire show, and wanted
more when it was over!

Notice her curls...that is how much
she was sweating. When she is how
and sweaty, the curls come out!

Her hair was straight as can be
when we got to the park!

Notice how red her cheeks are...and we had just
got to Sea World at 10:00. She was in her stroller
for most of the walk to the Shamu Show,
which was a hike from the entrance. And
remember, we are in the shade!

It was HOT!

The Magic Door

Being pregnant and crazy hot out, I insisted
we eat indoors in the AC. We had very few
choices here at Sea World since we were
not willing to wait nor did we have
reservations. This little cafe style building
had AC...that's all that mattered! So after
we ate, I it the bathroom and Rob took Alexa
out to stretch her legs as it would soon
be nap time in the stroller.

Alexa thought the "magic door" that she was
opening was the funniest thing! I came out
of the bathroom to see Rob laughing hysterically
at Alexa making the door open and close with
her "magic wave". I will admit, it was rather
amusing to see Alexa respond in such a way!

Ridin' the Ocean Animals

Posing with a few Strange People!

Daddy, Alexa, and Shamu

Cool Down Time

It was yet another really hot day. Much
to our surprise we found a little water
play area for the little ones. It was very
refreshing and much needed! I didn't think
we would need a swim suit at Sea World, so
I didn't pack it. So in her clothes she went.
It actually worked out well, because after this,
we changed her and put her down in her stroller
for a nap. Nice a cool, she was out like a light!

Lot's of fun and very refreshing!

Posing with Shamu

Feeding the Sea Lions

Sea Lion Show

Alexa cheering on the Sea Lions.

Enjoying the show with daddy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Sesame Show

This show is first come first serve in terms of seating. Because we hit the Sea Lion show before hand and this show was about to start, we didn't think it was worth going to stand in line only to find ourselves in seats so far in the back that Alexa would not be able to see. But, we headed in the direction of this show anyways, just to see what the line looked like.

Well, believe it or not - this kind of luck does not
happen to the Mattoon's...especially us!
As we were walking to this building, I saw a
line of about 20 people under and over hang to
a building. (Little did I know it was the building
the show was in). I asked the man at the end
of the line if he was waiting for the "Count and Elmo
" show. He said yes, so we got in line shocked to
see only about 20 people ahead of us. Instantly,
the line starts moving and we are
led into the building. With soo few people in the
building, we sat in the middle 5 rows up.
Once we were all seated, I looked around and
asked Rob, why so few people were in this
enormous room for a show. The person behind
us must have heard me and said "they open
the other side of the doors for admittance
10 minutes after we are seated...we are
preferred seating". Well, good thing the guy
who let us in didn't ask to see any proof cuz
we had nothing! Just happened to
get in the wrong line!!! Good thing too,
because the place was packed!!

Petting the Sting Rays

Petting the sting rays was yet another big hit!

Although she was excited to play in the water,
when she did, touch a ray,
we heard a lot of excitement!

She loved finding them as they swam by.
I have to admit, I was nervous at first touching
them myself...but after the first touch, it was
more addicting! They felt like a dolphin!
Very smooth and fast swimmers!

The Mattoon's @ Disney

Just the three of us - and one in the belly!