Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Shamu Show

11:00 Am - The Shamu Show

Even though it was still morning, it was HOT!
Luckily, we found good seats in the shade to
watch Shamu. We didn't expect Alexa to last
long, but I needed the shade! Once again, she
surprised us! She feel in love instantly! She
lasted the entire show, and wanted
more when it was over!

Notice her curls...that is how much
she was sweating. When she is how
and sweaty, the curls come out!

Her hair was straight as can be
when we got to the park!

Notice how red her cheeks are...and we had just
got to Sea World at 10:00. She was in her stroller
for most of the walk to the Shamu Show,
which was a hike from the entrance. And
remember, we are in the shade!

It was HOT!

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