Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Kisses...

Dancin' The Night Away

Downtown Disney...Children's Stage and DJ

Surprisingly, Alexa asked to go "down to the kids"
and bellied right up to the stage! We couldn't
believe how long she danced, hopped,
and jumped around.
After she found her new wheels...

Right up daddy's alley...but not mommy's!

Safari Ride @ Animal Kingdom

Our Safari driver. Very entertaining and
very interested in talking with Alexa!

What an experience!

Just a few of the many, many, many
animals we saw on our rough and
bumpy but very fun adventure!

Pooh & Eroe

More friends that Alexa met and
fell in love with at first sight.

It was actually rather difficult for her to say goodbye
to them. She would have hugged, kissed, and
high fived them all day if we let her!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The Plane Ride Back Home

Although no one wanted to come back home just yet...
someone was a bit tuckered!
Luckily, our flight home was during afternoon
nap time and Alexa fell asleep rather quickly
and was out cold for all but the last 15
minutes of the plane ride.

Oh, so was mommy!

Play-date with The Relyea's

A date with the boys at the Bounce House

Nicholas and Alexa had lots of fun sliding together!

Who's going to go first??

William was being such a good sport!

Fort Rickey

Sunday Fun day at Fort Rickey
August 2010

Feeding the reindeer was lots of fun!
Boy were they hungry!

Alexa just couldn't get enough of the animals...
or close enough for that matter!

"Come here donkey."

Look closely and you will see Alexa at the top
in the corner. She had no fear of this enormous
play area. Climbed up all by herself
and away she went.
And out she comes in the ball bit.
As you can see by her wet hair...
it was one hot day!


August 2010
We took a trip to Boonville for the weekend.

Alexa had a blast and still talks about all the
people that spent the weekend with us.
And every night to this day, still has to say
goodnight to them as part of our
bedtime routine.

Erin, Baby John, and Alexa

Mommy reading to the kiddos.

Trying out Soccer

Summer 2010

I wanted to take Alexa to "Little Kickers" to see
how she would like soccer.
By the look on her face, you can see
she was a little unsure of it at first.

Summer Soccer is outdoors. Our first attempt...
well, lets just say Alexa is used to picking up balls
with her hands and throwing them. So this was
something very new and different
for her to say the least!
"Look mommy, two balls".

And then we got her to actually use her feet!

Cone stacking was a big hit. Once she builds a
big tower, Alexa gets a ball
and kicks the tower down.
After our initial try with soccer, we decided to
sign her up for weekly classes. She is officially
a "Little Kicker" with a uniform and all!

Go Number 3!

Sunflower Maze 2010

A beautiful day to walk through the sunflower maze.

Checking out the flowers.

Alexa was not impressed.
Needless to say, we had a few meltdowns.

The only smile we could find...and it wasn't Alexa's!

New Summer Toy

Alexa new exactly what this was once
the pieces came out of the box and
was not willing to wait to try it out.

While Rob and my dad tried putting
it together, Alexa was trying to jump!
This did not make it easy for the assemblers!

"Finally, it's all mine!"
What a great toy for the deck!!!

Time for Tunes

Alexa loves wearing daddy's mowing head phones!

Alexa's way of Feeding Kruzer

Alexa loves feeding Kruzer...
but insists on giving him one handful at a time.

Luckily, Kruzer is patient as this takes quiet a while!

Not to mention, the handfuls are rather small!

And let me tell you - she guards this bowl with her life!

4th of July 2010

Not really sure what happened to all of our
pictures from this day. Alexa has three different
4th outfits that were adorable.
Would have loved to posted them!!

Playing in the kiddie pool.
Just some of the festive food...

What would a party be without the Wapatula???

Although it looked and smelled good...I was not
able to taste test this particular beverage.
We knew we were expecting but at this point,
we hadn't let the cat out of the bag just yet!!!