Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Been A While

I have to admit, I am very upset with myself. I haven't posted much on the blog in nearly a year. I have missed many, many memories of just the three of us. It is my own fault, but I am super disappointed in myself. There were so many good times and pictures of Alexa this past year that I have not shared. I am going to make a pack to myself that I won't let that happen again!

Since we have switched our computers and phones over to apples, I must admit that it is making it even harder for me to blog as I have no idea what I am doing on this computer system...nor can I find where pictures are uploaded - iphoto, aperatur, etc. Technology is not my strong suit...I will be the first to admit that.

Well, we have a day and a half left before just the three of us turns to the four of us. So I am going to go back and post just a few pictures - those that I can find.

There are sooo many good times I wish I could share with everyone...from our Spring break trip to Mrytle Beach in April of 2010 when we took Ayla with us, Strong National Museum visits, trips to the zoo, balloon fest, Old MacDonalds Farm, Abbotts Farm, Bounce Houses, Pool Side fun this summer, outdoor activities, Old Forge and Enchanted Forest, Library story time, Little Kickers Soccer, My Gym activities, Pumpkin Picking, Apple Picking, Our big trip to Disney, holidays, etc., etc.

I will see what I can find, go back in time for a few photos, then going forward will hopefully be able to stay somewhat current with our family blog!

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  1. Been thinking of you! Hope the delivery of baby#2 goes really well! Can't wait to hear the news and tell Trinity. :)