Saturday, July 17, 2010

19 Months Old

Saturday, July 17, 2010
19 Months old

Alexa is proud to announce ...

that in

February 2011

she is going to be a


Alexa loves saying "baby" and kissing
and hugging mommy's belly!!!

These last few months have been a lot of fun
with Alexa. Her vocabulary is expanding each day
and it is rather amusing to listen to her talk!
She loves saying "suse you dada" whenever he
burps, clears his throat,
coughs, sneezes, hiccups, etc.

She has gotten really good at her
"pease" ... a.k.a. please and
"tank you" ... a.k.a.
thank you and now even adds the name
of the person she is referring to after
her "pease" and "tank you".

She is a very independent little girl with a mind
of her own. Her favorite words that we here a
lot of are "No", "Nooo", and "No No".

She still at times wakes in the middle of the night,
crying to the point where I have to go in and
settle her back down. Her response to me
"night night all done". Even in the wee hours of
the night, I have to admit I do get a chuckle out
of it while assuring her that
night night is FAR from over!

I am still amazed each month with all her new
accomplishments, achievements, and milestones!

Looking forward to another month being
at home with my baby girl!

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