Saturday, October 31, 2009

Playing in the Leaves

Outdoor Fall Pics

Feeding the Dog

Recently, Alexa learned how to feed Kruzer.
We are not sure who enjoys this more, Alexa or Kruzer.

A little for Alexa...a lot for Kruzer!

Mashed Potatoes

With Alexa still not eating well, we tried mashed potatoes
on this night. I thought this was a sure win win situation...
after all, she sure had a lot of them while she was in my belly!
As you can see, Alexa has not quite mastered the spoon grip yet.
But we're getting there.
Unfortunately, the mashed potatoes weren't a big hit.
Maybe next time.

Youngest Tractor Driver

The next "Kubota" model.
Hmm...I wonder if she will be ready to mow the
field next year...just kidding.

Hats...already ?!?

Alexa isn't fond of anything on her head anymore.
The only way I was able to keep this hat on without ties or
velcro straps was to put a jacket on her that had
mits that flip over her hands. Without her hands free,
she couldn't get the hat off!

Mac -n- Cheese

With Alexa being so sick lately, there are days where she refuses
to eat. Between being sick and still not eating much people food,
we seem to be trying anything and everything. On this night
we decided to give Mac -n- Cheese a try. After closely inspecting it, she gave it a try...
but that is as far as it went.
She was much happier licking the bottom of the bowl.

Drivin' Outdoors

A couple of weeks ago, a day that Alexa actually woke up
feeling better, we decided to take
her outdoors with her Jeep. We were originally going to keep her in the garage.
But she managed to find an escape route and quickly
made her way to the driveway.
She had a blast driving outdoors...up and down the driveway.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

10 Months Old

Sat., October 17, 2009
10 Months Old
"C'mon on - I don't think so?"

And then the socks!

The Blanket

Alexa spotted her blankie...
that was it for pictures!

Double Digits

With Fall in the air, we decided to try
a few pictures outdoors!

Fall Pics

Trying to get Alexa's picture here was nearly
impossible with rocks around!
Mommy's favorite picture of all...

And then it was back for more rocks!

"I don't have time for pictures mommy...
there are way to many rocks here to play with!"

"What did you say...don't put that in my mouth?!?"

Birthday Pajamas

Birthday jammies for the birthday girl!
Alexa's version of "cheese".

It's almost as if she knows I am trying to get a nice picture!

Viewing the Falls from our Suite

Anniversary #2
Niagara Falls as a family of three!
Alexa checking out the falls from our suite!

The Big Tub

It wasn't long at all before Alexa had scoped out the hotel and
found her way into the very large bathroom
and made her way into the "big tub".
With Alexa not feeling well, we figured we would end
the day on a happy note...a tubby!

When all else fails...give Alexa a tub
and she is in her glory!

Rainforest Cafe

While in Canada, I really wanted to hit Rainforest Cafe
for dinner! Although it was a bit chilly and brisk, we
bundled up and headed for a very, very long walk!
Along the way, I spotted the man below. I told Rob to put Alexa on
his lap and I would take a picture. Little did we know the thing
would start talking, eyes light up and mouth open. Rob nearly
jumped a mile...while Alexa just sat and watched everyone laugh!
I certainly got a good laugh!!
Finally, we made it to Rainforest Cafe!

Alexa's newest friend.

Alexa seemed to enjoy it here! We were able to sit right next
to the water so that of course made Alexa very happy. I
don't think Alexa even noticed the thunderstorms! She just
enjoyed looking all around and checking out the
different animals hanging here and there.

It's All About the Frogs

It was nearing naptime so Rob took Alexa for a walk
while I packed everything up at the table.
As you can see, the frogs were a hit!

She tried touching nearly everyone of them!

Alexa & Mommy