Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rainforest Cafe

While in Canada, I really wanted to hit Rainforest Cafe
for dinner! Although it was a bit chilly and brisk, we
bundled up and headed for a very, very long walk!
Along the way, I spotted the man below. I told Rob to put Alexa on
his lap and I would take a picture. Little did we know the thing
would start talking, eyes light up and mouth open. Rob nearly
jumped a mile...while Alexa just sat and watched everyone laugh!
I certainly got a good laugh!!
Finally, we made it to Rainforest Cafe!

Alexa's newest friend.

Alexa seemed to enjoy it here! We were able to sit right next
to the water so that of course made Alexa very happy. I
don't think Alexa even noticed the thunderstorms! She just
enjoyed looking all around and checking out the
different animals hanging here and there.

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