Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pneumonia & Pink Eye

The ever so sick child.
Thursday, January 21, 2010 Alexa started
showing signs of not feeling being she
refused to eat all day and didn't drink much.
Friday, January 22, 2010
In the middle of the night Alexa woke with a fever.
This fever continued thru Monday when we went to
the doctors. We were told a viral infection. Along with
the fever, she has a horrible cough and
very bad runny nose.
Monday, January 25, 2010
Viral Infection
22 lbs 7 oz.
(In case you have forgotten, we were at the
Doctors back on January 2, 2010 with a
viral infection and she weighed 22 lbs 8 oz.)
Thursday, January 28, 2010
Another trip to the doctors because Alexa still has
the fever, horrible cough, and nose running
like a faucet...since last Friday.
This time she weighed 22 lbs 5 oz. Since Sunday
she has started to eat dinner but still no breakfast
or lunch. Again we were told probably a very
bad viral infection but if she still had a fever
tomorrow then we would need to go for
a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia.
Friday, January 29, 2010
Sure enough, Alexa STILL has a fever, horrible cough,
and runny nose. So it is off for a chest x-ray.
After reviewing her chest x-rays, we were told she
has two pockets of fluid on her lungs. Both are in
the exact same spot on both films. We were told she
has Pnemonia and they would start her
on Omnicef to begin treating it.
To add to the mix, Alexa also started showing
signs of Pink Eye...which she caught from Ayla.

Now it is Sunday night and although her fevers are
gone during the day, she is still having them at night.
So, a phone call to the doctors once again tomorrow.

Falling asleep after church...

2nd wind after church...

Rob's Ankle Surgery

January 13, 2010
Rob's long awaited 2nd ankle surgery.
The removal of screws that grew into the bone,
washers, and two bone spurs.
Little did I know that I would be draining the
"drainage bag". Not fun for a person who
does not do well with blood!
With Rob still healing,
Alexa is offiacially faster than Rob!
On a positive note, Rob already has more movement
in his ankle and hopefully more to come!
Maybe, just maybe no more limping
while walking. Time will tell!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

13 Months Old

Sunday, January 17, 2010
13 Months Old

"Do you want some tea mommy?"

"Mommy, I don't know what this word is."

Right at the end of 2009, Alexa had a reaction to her
"1 Year" shots. She had red spots all over her body and
within a week, she had 3 different fevers. The last fever on
New Years Day was over the doctors wanted
to see us. Her weight was back up a little...
after falling just a little bit.

22 lbs 8 oz.
Since then, we have been well...knock on wood.

Additional good news...about a week after Alexa's
first birthday, she finally, I repeat, FINALLY started
sleeping thru the night! A first since she has been born!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Strong National Museum of Play

December 31, 2009
New Years Eve

Rob and I took Alexa to Rochester to
the Museum for kiddos!

We timed it so Alexa's morning nap would be in the
car on on way there...leaving us a couple hour window once
arriving for lunch and play-time. Then her afternoon nap
would be back in the car on our way home. Since her afternoon
nap is usually the longer of the two, we decided to hit
the outlets on the way home for the notorious Carters store!!
She would sleep and I would shop!

With so much fun, a great deal of walking for Alexa - her choice,
and so much to see and do, Alexa only lasted 2 hours before
showing signs of being ready for her milk and afternoon nap.
There was a lot that we didn't get to like "Wegmans" for kids,
the train ride, airplane, carousel, etc. But that will
allow for many more trips in the future...especially
this summer when I am off of work.

Slanted Floors

Alexa saw the duck and started heading towards it...
but kept looking back at us with funny faces
because she had some difficulties walking
due to the floor being slanted.

In the end, she didn't want to come out.
I had to go in and get her.

Bouncy Bouncy

An entire padded area.

Alexa loved playing in this area and falling
back to a padded landing!

123 Sesame Street

Mommy and Alexa on the steps of Sesame Street.

Elmo's World

Inside Elmo's World, Alexa and I were on
TV with Abbie Cadaby.

Taxi Driver

One happy cab driver to clients Cookie
Monster and Elmo in the back seat!

Big Bird's Nest

"Our Little Big Bird"

Kiddie Land

This was a cute little area for the real "little ones" to play in.
Alexa walked around as if she was "large and in charge".
Very kid friendly!

Walking over the bridge.

Although this area had a height limit...of which I did not
meet, I did not quite trust Alexa once that little
boy was lifted in. I could see her plowing him over
had he gotten in her way.

The Resting Room

After playing in the kiddie land, Alexa headed
to the "Resting Room" to play peek a boo
with Rob and the door.

Fairy Tale Land

Berenstein Bears

The Berenstein Bears Exibit

Alexa had just about hit her breaking point here.
It was nearing milk and nap time.

But she was bound and determined not to miss
this room. As you can see, she was on a mission heading
right in to see what else she could take put in.

Sand Pit

I am not a big fan of sand boxes...but this one is amazing!
If only I could find this type of sand! It is
like big sugar crystals. When you stand up, it just
falls right off...not sticking to hands,
clothes - nothing! It is amazing stuff! If I can get
my hands on this type of "sand", then Rob
will get his way and Alexa will have a
sand box this summer.

Unfortunately Alexa was not to keen on this and
climbed right back up to me rather quickly.

With a little convincing,
Alexa was eased into it.


Last Sunday, we left Alexa in her jammies a
little longer than usual. Rob had a brilliant
idea of giving Alexa a pretzel with
chocolate while wearing "white" pjs.

As you can see...the chocolate was a big hit...
that of which she happened to swallow as a lot of
it seemed to drool down her chin onto
those white, glow in the dark ps.

"Can I have some milk with
this chocolate please!"