Monday, July 27, 2009

Rob's Road Trip

Last week, Rob had to go on a road trip for the day for work.
On his way home, he called to check in and told me he had
a surprise for me but would not elaborate any further.
Of course, I probed but got no where! Not even one hint.
So as the conversation continued, I asked him where exactly he was.
Without him realizing it, his response gave it anyway!
He said he was going by weedsport.
He barely got it out of his mouth and I said -
"you went to the outlet mall"!
"You went to Carters didn't you,...what did you get her".
Sure enough, he soon arrived home with new clothes for his baby girl!
He is a very good listner! A few days prior, I had told Rob that
I needed to get to the mall as Alexa needs new...BIGGER pajamas.
(Imagine that - a bigger size!) So, he comes home with 4 new pairs
of pajamas! Also in the bag, a 20% coupon for the month
of August at the outlets...ROAD TRIP!


Last week, I pulled Alexa's play-wall out into the middle
of the room so she could play with all sides of the wall,
rather than just the one side. She quickly learned that
she could crawl through each side. First a foot...


And she's out!

"Look mommy, I can crawl through this side too!"

Another Sunday...Church

Sunday, July 19, 2009
A dress, a hat, shoes on the feet, and of course she wouldn't
be complete without raspberries!

Tub for Two

Ayla enjoyed watching me give Alexa a bath...
so much, that she too joined in on the fun!
Two happy kiddos when it comes to water and splashing!
Umm, is that all it takes to get Alexa to look at the camera in the tub??

Friday, July 17, 2009


We have been working VERY hard on learning patty-cake.
When we first started, we would sing and clap Alexa's
hands for her...she would laugh hysterically.
At times when she was fussy, we would resort to this game,
and like magic, the fussiness disappeared!
Now, Alexa will clap her own hands when you sing patty-cake to her.
We sing, she claps.


It amazes me how much this little pint-sized peanut can take
in and absorb everyday. Each day brings new discoveries
and growth. I am simply trying to take it all in and cherish every
moment. It is honestly very hard watching her grow up so
quickly! She has her own little personality and boy when she
wants something she is bound and determined to figure
out how to get it or make it work! I can honestly say, I don't know
where Rob and I would be without her...
she brings pure joy to our lives everyday!

Crawling to Standing

While trying to take Alexa's picture, she decided she would
rather head to her bookshelf and pick out her bedtime story.
Like always, she begins her selection on the lower shelf.
Easy access for Alexa...until

... she decides she would rather stand
and find a different book.

Where has my little baby gone?

First suporting her head by herself, then sitting up
by herself, then crawling - which is adorable, and now
standing up. I can't even begin to think about walking yet.

The 7 Month Picture Attempt

Once again, I tried very hard to have my sign in the
picture. This time instead of having it on the blanket
next to Alexa, I decided to tape it to the wall.
I thought I had learned my lesson after the last two months
pictures and how our little Alexa detroys
my signs. So, taping it the wall will do the trick...right???
"Look at your sign mommy."
Why on earth did I think this would work?

And she's off...

Yes, you can say, once again, Alexa wins.

I guess I will have to think of something different
for next month...running out of ideas.

7 Months Old

7 Months Old
Friday, July 17, 2009
We had several crawling escapes while trying
to take our 7 month picture tonight!
"Well, let me think about smiling for you mommy."

Once again, I tried to out-smart Alexa and
lay her down for her you can see, I have
learned NOT to use the "monthly birthday sign" when
in this position...refer to previous months pictures
if you are not sure what I am referring to!

But she popped right up.

So, after many attempts, I sat back and started
deleting many pictures. Alexa now is crawling around
the room, including over to me and climbing up me.
After a few minutes, she started crawling away and
I continued deleting pictures.

To my surprise, I look up
to find my darling princess had crawled back to her picture
spot all by herself and was sitting pretty waiting
for me to take the picture.

Here we have our 7 month picture!

And with this picture, our photo shoot was complete!
Meanwhile, it had taken so long when we returned
downstairs, Rob was rather shocked to see us as he thought
I was putting her to bed...that's how long we were trying
to get this monthly task accomplished!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Off to Church

We are off to church! I wonder how long Alexa will last
before we have to take her to the nursury???
"You got me in a dress and I have shoes on.
I draw the line at that. No hair fixing mommy."
I sure hope Alexa enjoys our first trip to church.
We have a few trial runs before the big
Baptism day on the 26th!

First Word

Alexa has grown to love talk that is,
babbling, and screeching.
Her first word came this week..."mama".
She does say "baba" but she doesn't yet
associate it to her bottle.

We are still working on "dada" - I
don't want Rob feeling left out!

The BIG Tub

It's official, Alexa has now been moved out of the kitchen
and into her bathroom to the BIG tub! After the last
several baths in the kitchen, Rob and I have to get out the
mops to clean up Alexa's mess! She is quite the splasher!
So we decided since she sits up so well, that she is beyond
ready for the real tub.
Again another sad day for mommy, putting away the infant tub.
"Would you put those cameras down and stop
calling my name. It is time for me to splash."
Even in the tub she's a crawlin'.
When she wants something, watch out!

Always fun to splash!

Trying to help with the rinsing.

The Fruit Bag

Although I haven't worked up the nerve yet to try the
messy fruits in the fruit bag, those that we have tried have
been a big hit! Alexa loves sucking the juice out of the bag!
So far we've tried peaches, pears, apples, and green and orange
melon. I am working my way up to the messy ones - berries!

This actually allows us more time in the high chair
allowing Rob and I to finish our meals together!

Lowering of the Crib

As much as I love this greeting, and will cherish it forever,
it has come to the point where it is simply dangerous.
Yes, I love the look she gives us and the smile is priceless...
but I am a nervous wreck, so the time has come.
Thursday night was the night we "lowered the crib".
This picture was taken after a nap earlier in the day.
So later that night, I TRIED putting Alexa's jammies on,
while Rob went to work on the crib.
Alexa was not having it though...
she wanted in on the work.
"Wait for me daddy! Here I come!"

I am not so sure she helped...more like told Rob
a story with her babbling. I think she was giving him
instructions on how she wanted it done!

The finished product. The crib has been lowered.

"Look at me mommy...I am way done here!
Don't mind the spit up on the clean
sheet you just put on!"

Drums & Crawling

"What song would you like to hear mommy?"
"Do you like my music?"

"I've had enough mommy, I am off to another toy."

The official crawl date...Friday, July 10, 2009.
Prior to Friday, Alexa would scootch around the
floor on her bottom. She then learned so kind-of crawl with
one leg in front of her and the other leg in the proper crawling
position behind her. This lasted a good week. Then she was
able to keep both legs behind her, but drag her left leg. We did not
consider this real crawling as we were waiting for the
proper placement of her legs. That came on Friday!
Time for baby gates!

Greetings Mommy

This is how Alexa greets us now upon awaking!
She is so unbelievably proud of herself to be sitting up!
Regardless how tired she is, her smiles seem to get bigger
and bigger each time we go in to get her.
"Watch mommy, I can turn on my
Book Worm" all by meself".
"And I can find my plug under all these blankies and
put it in my mouth all by myself!"

"And then mommy, watch my grand finale...
I can pull myself up!"

"You better put the camera down and get ready to catch me!"

Needless to say, I was one sad mommy.
It has come time to lower the crib.

First Wagon Ride

While stopping in at Mimi and Papa's,
Alexa took her first wagon ride. Assistant Ayla helping with the pull.

Although Alexa enjoyed this was a
one time event and NEVER again!
Papa just about had a stroke as Alexa grew more
and more excited, she would arch her back while laughing.
Papa however wasn't laughing and quickly scooped her out
and instructed all that she was no longer allowed in the wagon.

Next time we will have to be in a real wagon and
Alexa MUST be strapped in!

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 5th Bash

Alexa decided to forego the sun-hat so after these pics,
we moved to the shade. Alexa's idea of reading a book.

It wouldn't be a holiday without the entire wardrobe
being themed based! (Unfortunately, the "Stars & Stripes"
dress I bought her for this day is still too big.
We'll save if for another occasion!)

Alexa's "Stars & Stripes" bikini.

Katy, Ayla, Molly, Uncle Brian, and Alexa
enjoying the refreshing water.

A good time had by all!