Monday, July 6, 2009

Fairhaven for the 4th

Rob had decided that we were going to shoot for leaving at
10:00 am for Fairhaven to celebrate the 4th with The Taber's
and McInerney's. Knowing that we needed stuff for the entire
day, I decided to pack Friday night. Of course Alexa is
already in bed so I am sneaking into her room very quietly
as to not disturb the precious child. (I should let you all know
that not only is it dark, but we have the "room darkening
shades" which makes it even darker. With four bags
packed - (3 for Alexa and 1 for us), the pack-n-play, saucer,
jumper, bumbo for dinner, toys, blankets for outside, blankets
for inside, life-jacket, food, clothes, more clothes, medicine
(for acid reflux), diapers, swimmys, and who knows
what else I packed...I feel that I have everything
I could possibly need. Well...not so much!
We arrive in Fairhaven only to find the others wrapped in
blankets as it was rather cold. With all that packing, I neglected
to pack warm clothes for Alexa. No jacket, no pants...nothing!
Just summer "Fourth of July" outfits with several back-ups
including her Stars and stripes bikini.
Thank you Muff for sneaking out and buying little Alexa her very
first "Fairhaven" sweatshirt! It sure kept her warm
and toasty until jammy time!
Katy, Molly, & Alexa in jammies patiently awaiting the fireworks.

Ahh, at last.

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