Monday, July 27, 2009

Rob's Road Trip

Last week, Rob had to go on a road trip for the day for work.
On his way home, he called to check in and told me he had
a surprise for me but would not elaborate any further.
Of course, I probed but got no where! Not even one hint.
So as the conversation continued, I asked him where exactly he was.
Without him realizing it, his response gave it anyway!
He said he was going by weedsport.
He barely got it out of his mouth and I said -
"you went to the outlet mall"!
"You went to Carters didn't you,...what did you get her".
Sure enough, he soon arrived home with new clothes for his baby girl!
He is a very good listner! A few days prior, I had told Rob that
I needed to get to the mall as Alexa needs new...BIGGER pajamas.
(Imagine that - a bigger size!) So, he comes home with 4 new pairs
of pajamas! Also in the bag, a 20% coupon for the month
of August at the outlets...ROAD TRIP!

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