Saturday, May 21, 2011

Christmas Pictures 2010

Trying to get a picture for our Christmas cards
in early December 2010

What Did Santa Bring?

In suspense...

She's turning the switch on...

(yes Rob wired it to be turned on
and off thru a light switch).

A little un-sure...ready to turn the noise off.

Still not too sure of this thing.

Wait for it...

Oh The Excitment

Once we convinced her not to turn off the light
switch- (I think the noise was a bit scary at first),
she saw the blankets begin to fall off
and the bounce house pop up...

Boy was she excited!
In fact she was holding me back!

The smiles and giggles couldn't
have been any bigger!

The Bounce House!

The Bounce House

Jumpin away...

This was a BIG hit! So glad Santa decided
to bring this at the last minute! It will be a
life savor in the winter months
while home with a newborn!

High Chair & Crib for Bitty Baby

As soon as she unwrapped the high chair
she had to immediately start feeding Bitty Baby
with the food that came in her back pack.

And then of course, it was time to for Bitty Baby
to take her nap in her new crib.
Alexa was fascinated with the mobile.