Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lowering of the Crib

As much as I love this greeting, and will cherish it forever,
it has come to the point where it is simply dangerous.
Yes, I love the look she gives us and the smile is priceless...
but I am a nervous wreck, so the time has come.
Thursday night was the night we "lowered the crib".
This picture was taken after a nap earlier in the day.
So later that night, I TRIED putting Alexa's jammies on,
while Rob went to work on the crib.
Alexa was not having it though...
she wanted in on the work.
"Wait for me daddy! Here I come!"

I am not so sure she helped...more like told Rob
a story with her babbling. I think she was giving him
instructions on how she wanted it done!

The finished product. The crib has been lowered.

"Look at me mommy...I am way done here!
Don't mind the spit up on the clean
sheet you just put on!"

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