Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hot Dog!?!?

With Alexa back to getting up twice a night to eat, we really
feel that her baby food and formula is simply not enough to
actually fill her anymore. We have been trying people food
everyday, but Alexa still gags on it and sends it right back
to us! She has no problem with cherrios, crackers, puffs, little
crunchies but when it comes to anything else...forget it.
So last night we decided to try a skinless hot dog. I was a bit
against it, but a good friend told me that she may take to it
because of the salt and flavors that is in it. So, we figured
what the heck, we were able to get a couple of peaches down
let's try the hot dog. Alexa carefully inspected it first. As you can see below...the gagging came rather quickly!

I think we managed to get one piece down.

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