Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Trying out Soccer

Summer 2010

I wanted to take Alexa to "Little Kickers" to see
how she would like soccer.
By the look on her face, you can see
she was a little unsure of it at first.

Summer Soccer is outdoors. Our first attempt...
well, lets just say Alexa is used to picking up balls
with her hands and throwing them. So this was
something very new and different
for her to say the least!
"Look mommy, two balls".

And then we got her to actually use her feet!

Cone stacking was a big hit. Once she builds a
big tower, Alexa gets a ball
and kicks the tower down.
After our initial try with soccer, we decided to
sign her up for weekly classes. She is officially
a "Little Kicker" with a uniform and all!

Go Number 3!

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