Thursday, December 17, 2009

1 Year Old

Thursday, December 17, 2009
1 Year Old
I have no idea where this past year has gone.
I can honestly say I remember every part of our
hospital experience like it happened last week.
Even the car ride to the hopsital seems oh so not
that long ago...and yet, here we are one year later.
It is amazing how this little baby has
changed our lives and brought us
so much joy and happiness.
Even though we celebrated Alexa's 1st b-day
on Sat. with her "Winter-ONE-derland Party",
mommy and daddy saved our
presents for the real day! I am not sure what Alexa like better,
the paper or the curly bows.

Just like at her party,
she had to climb the boxes!

"Look at me Daddy"!

As you can see from her expression...
she was one happy birthday girl with this box!

"I got another pony!!!"


I hate to burst her bubble...but it is not the "real" one she was hoping for.

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