Monday, April 13, 2009

My First Easter

April 12, 2009
Alexa's very First Easter
After our morning nap, we decided to get Alexa dressed and try...
yes try and get an Easter picture.
Alexa noticed a shiny present next to her.
She then proceeded to try and eat the wrapping.
She enjoyed the noise it made when she touched it!

"Is this for me?"

Since Alexa woke up very happy from her nap, I thought we should try and get her picture taken before eating...just a thought since I know how much she spits up when she eats. (Not to mention she is wearing a "hand wash only dress" - yes call me crazy what was I thinking buying a "hand wash only" dress with a child who has acid reflux.

I can honestly say though,
I did not read the tag until after I had the dress home and price tags cut.

Well lets just say, my motherly instinct did not work.
She was obviously very hungry as alls she did was try and eat her dress.

So, after many attempts, and knowing we were about to have 16+ people in the house any minute, Rob and I decided we better feed this child and try for re-takes later this week - after I hand wash the dress to remove her water marks from all the sucking she was doing on her nice Easter dress.

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