Thursday, April 2, 2009

OUR New Toy

Daddy brought home a new toy! Like father, like daughter.

Multi-tasking. She can drive with one hand and suck her thumb. What bad habits we are teaching her already! Didn't anyone tell her 10:00 and 2:00?

Sat., March 28, 2009

Although she doesn't look sick here, we just returned from the doctors. (Yes, we were there just 9 days ago). But Alexa is feeding every 2-4 hours round the clock and has not slept much at all in the last two days. To add to the mix, we are trying to transition out of the swing when she sleeps and into the crib. Her naps are lasting 13-27 minutes if she takes one at all. She is a zombie and as are we. We called the doctor and they said it sounds like an ear infection because she won't sleep. So off to the doctors we go. We had hope that maybe there was an answer as to why she wasn't sleeping.

That was short lived! Her ears are fine...but her throat is still red which explains the constant eating of only COLD bottles. Bad news...she gained a pound in 9 days.
She now weighs 14 lbs., 4 oz.

So, we have a sick child throat. The other answer was a very big growth spurt. Due to her size though, the doctor said we could start cereal!

Oh, did I mention, we are still feeding every 2-4 hours round the clock. Not much sleep had by all in this household.

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