Monday, August 17, 2009

Alexa's Pillow

One morning last week, Alexa woke up early.
I was exhausted so I layed her in bed with me.
That didn't last long.
She immediately crawled over to Kruzer.
So I put the TV on and tuned into a kids show.
Alexa grabbed her plug and made herself comfy all by herself.
She then proceeded to watch a little TV.

When she turned back to make sure I was still watching her,
she looked up and realized she could watch tv through the
mirror in our headboard.

Ernie got her attention and she turned back.
(Mind you, before this day, Alexa has only watched
"Baby Einstein" DVDS...and not for more
than a few seconds at a time).

And then she made herself really comfortable.

Kruzer was such a good sport during all this!

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