Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stage 1 Foods...Complete

Yum Yum. FOOD!
As many of you know, we had to start Alexa on food earlier
than normal due to her excessive formula intake!
There is nothing that goes into this child's
mouth that she won't eat!

Whether it's an oral shot, cereal, oatmeal, fruits,
or veggies she just keeps eating and eating and eating...
as if you couldn't tell by her chipmunk cheeks!
She could really give the "Engergizer Bunny" a
run for his money!

Eating just comes naturally to this child.

Even prunes.
Believe me when I say...this whole food thing has NOTHING
to do with helping her sleep thru the night
because with as much as she eats...she is now onto waking 2-3 times a night!

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