Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Long Awaited Deck

Last year we did not have a deck, but always wanted
to eat outside, so we settled for our driveway or sadly
the garage. As one can imagine, building our deck
was top priority this spring!
Last Wednesday, Rob dug the holes, ELEVEN to be exact,
then together, we mixed concrete and filled each one.
Thursday it poured, so Rob started putting the deck
furniture together. This obviously put us behind schedule.
So he continued to work on it on Friday.
Then again on Saturday.
I joined in late Sat. afternoon once my mom
came to watch Alexa. We kept at it till 9:30 that night.

Then on Sunday, we finally finished...well the part you
walk on that is. The railings still have to go up, but the
goal was - dinner on the deck by the end of the weekend.
Yes, we met our goal...even if it was pizza and wings at 7:30 pm.
Our long awaited deck!
Of course once we were done,
Alexa decided that she wanted to help.

Hammer and all!

(I didn't dare tell her that we screwed the nails in.
I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings!)
"Mommy, I can't work in a dress."

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