Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Eve of 6 Months

Sadly, Alexa will be 6 months old tomorrow.
Knowing how much she loves splashing in the pool,
and how much she likes be sitting up rather
that laying down, we tried the big-kid version
of the tub tonight. Toys and all. She had a blast!
Notice Rob's shirt. That was just the beginning.
The mop was needed by the time we...I
guess I should say "she" was done!

Of course she turned right around when Rob
turned on the sprayer. She doesn't miss a beat.

Needless to say Rob has been fired from rinisng of the hair job.

Honestly, she didn't mind the water being poured over her head!
She kept her eyes closed the whole time!
I will still be rinising for now on!

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