Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eating at Coolicans

Alexa fine dining at Coolicans Friday night.
Knowing we were going out to eat and knowing how my husband thinks,
I asked Rob if I should bring the high chair cover.
Now personally, I think Alexa is WAY to small for the
resturant type style high chairs. But knowing my husband,
he would want to try it out and I wouldn't have the high chair
cover with me. Shockingly, Rob agreed and said there probably won't
be enough support in the high chair as she is still rather small.
So, I left the high chair cover at home thiking we were not ready for it just yet.

Of course we were not sitting at the table for more than 5 minutes and Rob says,
"let's try the high chair, she looks like she will be fine in it".

Where is the high chair home!

So, against my will, Alexa dines in the high chair.
(Luckily, they are brand new high chairs!)

Needless to say, upon arriving home, the high chair cover went directly
into my truck for the next time!

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