Saturday, September 12, 2009

Waking Ayla

One sad morning. The last day of our vacation. The plan was, once our earlier riser wakes up, that we would all get up and stroll the ocean, watch the sunrise, and find shells to take home before packing up and heading home. Of course when we have a plan in place...we don't expect it to be carried through. And that is exactly what happened. The one and only morning Alexa decided to sleep in...well until after the sunrise that is. So, once she did wake up at 7:45, then we all got up, dressed, and headed to the beach for the original plan minus the sunrise part. Ayla needed some help waking up...who better then Alexa! A few tugs, a climb...

even some jumping and...

AWW...Ayla is awake and the hugs have begun!

Such happy kiddos when they are
in each other's sight!

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