Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Obsession w/ Books Continues...

Alexa continues to love looking at books and being
read to. When you ask her where something
is on each page, she will point right to it.
Between Barney and Elmo,
Alexa is quite content!

And then there is the ice cream book.
She has to find the "hee hee pop" - a.k.a.
popsicle on each page.

Most of her words are very clear and we can
understand what it is she is saying or asking for
very well when she talks. However
popsicle - not so much. Alexa's version
of popsicle - "hee hee pop".

If Alexa is not sitting in her chair, then she
will plop herself in our lap with a
book in hand!

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